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  Mr Li is one of my beloved teachers.He taught us physics when we were in Senior 1.He was old,but he taught very well.He could make his classes lively and interesting. Mr Li made good preparations for his lessons and was strict with us,too.Whenever we made mistakes in our homework,he would ask us to correct and do it again. I used to be poor in physics. Mr Li often helped me with my lessons very patiently.Thanks to his help and hard work,I have made good progress and caught up with the class.As a retired teacher,he’s still working hard for our educational cause(教育事业).


  Heather is my favourite teacher, she is a very lovely woman. she’s twenty-three years old. she teaches us english.

  Heather comes from america, but she is in haimen now. she has two brothers, they are tall. she is tall and slim. she is very pretty. she is usually in a ponytail, but sometimes she wears a hat. she has two big eyes, small nose and two big ears. i can see she with her friends eating meals, playing badminton and going shopping.

  Heather has a good friend, her name is jenny. jenny’s father was born in china and her mother was born in hongkong. they are very good friends.

  Heather likes china because she likes eating chinese food. she thinks they are very delicious. her e-mail place is .

  Heather likes smiling. she is a very funny and good teacher. so i like her very much.


  The new semesterhas begun. Every thing seems the same as before, except one thing. That is ourclass has a new English teacher. His name is Yang yang, but we always call his Englishname, Robert. He is a young and sunshine. He just graduated from university. Hispronunciation is very good and I like his spoken English. Robert is humorousand his class is interesting and lively. Except for the textbook, he finds manyother articles for class teaching, such as songs, movies and cartoons. He saysthat we can learn more from what we are interested in. I like this new teacher.


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